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Who We Are:
Multifamily Real Estate Investors

Gruszynski Capital offers our investment partners the opportunity to leverage shares of multifamily rental properties into passive  income. Our experienced investment team thoroughly evaluates multifamily properties to find assets that have vast potential but are currently devalued. 


Once identified, we aggressively act on acquiring and improving the asset, with a proven property enhancement and management plan. Unlike other investment firms that rely solely on broker relationships to find deals for their investors, Gruszynski Capital proactively locates off-market multifamily opportunities. Our strategic approach grants our investors exclusive access to multifamily real estate investment opportunities.


Our Strategy

Gruszynski Capital aims to reposition multifamily properties by improving operational inefficiencies, moderate-to-extensive renovations, and complete rebranding. We are a highly skilled and intensely focused real estate investment manager with the flexibility to scale and cater to investor preferences.


Gruszynski Capital believes in a fiduciary approach to acquisitions and management of multifamily real estate investment opportunities in Texas. From extensive market research to investment sourcing to execution and results, each Gruszynski Capital team member champions the values, ethics, and thoroughness of the firm’s investment process.


Gruszynski Capital takes a tenacious approach to multifamily asset management in collaboration with its investment partners, which demands value creation and rapid de-risking of investments at the asset level and within the capital structure. The investment team leverages its rich experience to govern each investment with an owner and fiduciary perspective to maximize proceeds through unyielding execution and tactical, timely disposition.

Our Process

Gruszynski Capital aims to align ourselves with long term, passive investors who are comfortable with holding time frames of 3-7 years. Our investments are designed to provide a solid level of cash flow throughout the life of the investment in addition to an equity payout at the time of sale. 


Market Evaluation

Extensive Access to information and coveted relationships for exclusive deals.

Sourcing & Structuring

Exceptional expertise in equity, debt, and complex transactions that require creative solutions.

Analysis & Due Diligence

Strict focus on protecting our investors, conservative analysis, and value-add potential.


Efficient and timely acquisition with emphasis on return yield.

Risk Management

Strategic and tactical risk mitigation and diversification.

Value Enhancement

Aggressive and disciplined asset management with a focus on an owner-fiduciary perspective.

Disposition & Refinancing

We seek to maximize proceeds through tactical and timely exits.

Gruszynski Capital, the manager, seeks to achieve the stated objectives. There are no guarantees the objectives will be met.

Texas Multifamily strategy process infographic for Gruszynski Capital
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